A better experience for your diners and improved profitability for you.

No Hidden Costs

Cover charges for online bookings are not uncommon. Not with liveRES. You pay a flat monthly fee and that’s it. No more month-end surprises.

Data Secure

The data you collect through online bookings is yours, and yours only. We will never share it with third parties, protecting your brand and market intelligence.

Done Your Way

liveRES is built for your business. Configured to your specifications and seamlessly integrated into your website, liveRES helps you deliver exceptional customer experience.

The Experience to Deliver

Our team of industry experts provide online booking systems for some of the strongest hospitality brands around. See how we can help you transform your business.

Putting technology into hospitality

Drive more revenue with automated booking and table management

Manage on any mobile device

Built for mobile and touch screen, liveRES works for customers and staff on any device, anywhere. With 24/7 reservations and automated table management you can transform operations and focus on running your business.

Put your tables to work

Use the liveRES system integrated to EPoS to build the clearest picture of customer behaviour and preference. That’s great for marketing promotions activity and ideal for operational efficiency improvement.

No booking fees or cover charges, just one simple monthly fee

Touch screen functionality that’s easy to use on the go

EPoS integration for improved restaurant management

White labelled for you to use your logo and brand design

Enterprise systems specifically designed for fast-casual dining

All data captured is secure and ring fenced for your business

Client feedback

See how leading restaurant businesses are using liveRES