Butcher & Catch logo Butcher & Catch launches with confidence thanks to real-time, EPoS-integrated booking functionality

The business challenge

With a background in multi-site, mass catering restaurants, business partners and founders Adam Pearce and Liam Ridge were determined to offer a radically different experience with Butcher & Catch, with an emphasis on provenance, quality and sustainability.

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Having successfully used Zonal’s Aztec EPoS in previous companies, Butcher & Catch were keen to see how liveRES could give diners immediate and accurate booking availability while on a night out.

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Choosing liveRES means customers always get real-time availability and can book on any device at all times. And by analysing booking trends, Butcher & Catch can adjust available booking times to increase revenue and reduce staff workloads at busy times.

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  • Fast and simple icon Greater table visibility and EPoS integration means moving tables and juggling customers and tabs in-session is fast and simple
  • Increase revenue icon By tweaking available booking times they can fit in an extra sitting, and therefore increase yield and revenue
  • Greater control icon They benefit from greater control over their business by staggering reservations and managing expectations

“Using liveRES meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.”

Adam Pearce, co-founder, Butcher & Catch

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