Can I transfer our existing customer data to liveRES?

Yes, customer data can be transferred into the platform service (Launchpad). However, despite the data being stored within the Launchpad, Tables users are not able to access/view historical data. Only new customer data added to the database can be accessed/viewed.

Can I take deposits?

Yes! You can take deposits using Worldpay or Secure Trading.

Will it track which staff member has taken bookings?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible, although may be available in a future release.

Do you have a Manager's app? Can this be used on mobile device?

We do not have a Manager’s App at the moment, although will be looking to add this functionality in the future. Currently restrictions can be made to specific users such as a host granting you as the manager to have different login details allowing full access and admin rights. The system can be accessed on a mobile device but unfortunately is not user friendly.

Can you email me each day with a simple list of all bookings that day?

You have the functionality to print off bookings for that day. We are also able to send an automated list of bookings for that week/month.

Does liveRES connect to any other tills/POS apart from Zonal?

Yes, liveRES also integrates with Comtrex tills.

Can we change table turn times based on menu choice?

No, as turn times are not related to menus. 

Do we own all our customer data?

Yes absolutely. We never share or use your data, ever.

Can we have a trial period?

We don’t normally offer a trial period as there is work (and cost) associated with set up and training to ensure you get the most out of the system.

Can we have a demo system to play around with before signing?

Yes absolutely.

How long does it take to get set up?

If you have less than 10 sites it takes up to 10 working days. For 10 sites and over, this takes longer depending on your specific requirements. Timescales will be discussed and agreed with you directly.

We have termination fees from our current ERB, will liveRES pay these?

Unfortunately, this is not something we’re able to do.

Can we remove the set-up fee?

Unfortunately, not. There is a significant amount of work that goes in to training and setting up your business in the system, to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Can we get a discount if we bring on multiple sites?

Yes, we are able to offer a reduced monthly fee depending on how many sites you have.

Can we move tables around on the table plan mid service?

Yes! Within liveRES you can move the table on the screen to wherever you like. It’s a simple question of dragging the table to wherever you would like to place it on the screen.

Can we have areas which aren't bookable online?

Yes of course! We can set up certain tables within an area dedicated to walk-ins only so that they cannot be booked online.

Can we have different floorplans based on different dates/special events?

Yes certainly! Different layouts within Site Admin can be set up allowing various site configuration.

Can the whole restaurant be booked online for a private event?

Yes. As the tables within the entire restaurant can all be booked out.

Do I have to use Zonal Aztec?

No. liveRES is a standalone product and does not need Aztec for it to work. 

Can I have a book now button on TripAdvisor?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have this feature. 

How will you support me as a new customer?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager that you can directly email or call. We also have a support team for any urgent assistance that is available from 8am- midnight, 365 days a year. 

Are there any additional costs to IOVOX?

There is a setup fee and a monthly SaaS fee. There may also be a call forwarding charge from the customer’s line provider.

Will you help me implement the booking widget?

Yes. Zonal’s development team can also help to add a booking widget onto your website for a small fee. 

Is there a functionality for me to add the booking widget to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, another solution would be to insert the booking URL into the social media platform of choice which would then redirect your customer to your booking widget on your webpage.

Will you supply me with hardware?

You will need to have your own equipment as we do not supply equipment such as tablets for reservations.

How do you get me new customers?

Having online bookings available on your website will enable you to convert more website traffic into bookings automatically. We also have an integration with Bookatable.com which enables you benefit from their website and campaigns. This is available for an additional fee. At liveRES we do not have a consumer facing site, so cannot run consumer-facing marketing activities unfortunately. The data you collect from online bookings is yours alone to use for your marketing activities.

How will my team get up to speed with the new software, what training is provided?

We will schedule an on-site training session which is included as part of the setup and training one off fee. Any additional training can also be made available to you at a reduced cost. This would be in a form of on-site training or a webinar. 

Can I send text message reminders to customers regarding their booking?

Yes of course! We can set a reminder SMS with a template of your choice that goes to a customer.

Can you help me to eliminate no-shows?

We have a deposits functionality which helps in reducing no shows – particularly for larger groups. Our email and SMS booking confirmation and reminder and re-confirmation SMS functionality will also help to reduce no-shows and encourage people to cancel rather than no-show, enabling you to free up the table ready to be re-booked online or by a walk-in.

How can I download my customer data to use to send out emails to my customer base?

This can be requested to our ZMT support team. We are also happy to generate monthly reports to show the number of covers each month which also shows their opt in/out status for any marketing activity.

Is the data collection GDPR compliant?

All data from May 2018, is collected in a GDPR compliant manor.

I'm worried about losing new business by switching to liveRES as my existing supplier actively promotes my restaurant to bring more diners in?

Evidence from our customers who have switched from other booking systems shows that this fear is unfounded and booking numbers are not affected. We support you to promote your own brand and build customer loyalty throughout the entire booking process, whereas many other providers will use your data to promote other restaurants.

How does your pricing structure work?

This depends on the product purchased. There is a one-off fee and then the monthly subscription costs. There may be additional charges such as SMS or if other integrated extras are added on. Our standard fees are available on the Pricing page of our website https://www.liveres.co.uk/pricing/

Can I arrange a no obligation demo?

Yes absolutely! One-to-one in-person or webinar demo sessions can be arranged tailored to your availability, free of charge. 

Who are Zonal?

Zonal is the UK’s no.1 hospitality business solution provider and liveRES is part of the Zonal Group. They have been around for 40 years and are a family run business. They have helped over 16,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK with their fully integrated Aztec EPoS software and Zonal Marketing Technology solutions to drive revenue in a seamless and creative way. Click here to find out more https://www.zonal.co.uk/about-us/

Can we have a shorter contract term?

The minimum is generally 12 months.

Can we have a cheaper option for training/ set up?

A half day training can be set up for you under certain circumstances.

Can you add the booking widget to our website? What support can you provide us and what are the costs involved?

Yes, we can! We have a developers guide that can help instruct your web team to add the widget onto your website. Alternatively, Zonal’s development team can be requested to do this work for you at a very low cost.

Can we drag and drop if customers want to move tables?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. However, we are always looking to improve our product and we take a lot of requests to make the system work better for our customers. This feature is not currently available but is on our roadmap.

Do you have a way to simply hold card details rather than taking the deposit?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Does it have bookable areas?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Can we pay per text message instead of enabling for auto send for everyone at 4p per text?

SMS can only either be enabled or disabled. If a customer enters a mobile number and SMS is enabled, we will send 1 SMS to the customer confirming their booking, along with an email. You can’t pick and choose which customers receive an SMS unfortunately. A new SMS agreement would need to be discussed for a customer.

The set-up form is very complex. is there any way to simplify this process?

Unfortunately, all the information within the setup form is required so we can provide the best possible service and support to you.

How does liveRES integrate with Comtrex? What do I expect to see on the till? What functionalities do I expect to see?

Please get in touch if you are interested in this and we can arrange a demo to show you!

What is the difference between online bookings and the traditional methods of telephone bookings. Will online bookings really make a difference for me?

Yes! Whilst the telephone is still an essential communication channel for your business, recent statistics show that customers are favouring making online reservations rather than the traditional method of telephone bookings, so it is incredibly important to offer both. To find out more read our Go Technology report

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