Everyone wins with liveRES

Greater operational efficiency for your business, a better experience for your customers.

Transform your hospitality business with liveRES

Our fully-integrated online booking and table management system gives your customers a seamless and convenient booking experience, while offering your business operational efficiencies, access to powerful customer data and increased profitability.

Cloud-based system for easy access

Your staff can use liveRES from anywhere and on any device, with automated table management meaning they have more time to focus on delivering excellent customer service.

Synchronise all your bookings in one place

Combine online, telephone and walk-in guests in one central location for a complete picture of customer behaviour and loyalty.

Your venue bookable online from any device or platform

Perfect for the mobile generation who want to browse and book your venue on the go 24/7, with real-time availability so they can book with confidence. Book your demo

White labelled for a seamless brand experience

Fully customisable booking widgets, apps, and emails mean your customers only ever see your name and your logos, and not any confusing third-party branding.

You own 100% of your customer data

API integration shares data across multiple venues with EPoS, CRM, and your email provider. And because that data is yours alone, you can communicate with your customers exactly how you want to with no third-party interference or restrictions.

Live in-session views, waitlists and table turnaround predictions

Easily manage advance bookings, wait lists, and walk-ins thanks to complete visibility of every stage of your customers’ meals – no need to rely on guesswork. Book your demo

Email and SMS booking confirmations and reminders

Minimise dreaded no-shows by sending your guests timely communications before their visit.

Take deposits at the booking stage

Reduce the impact of no-shows or cancellations by accepting secure, PCI compliant payments during booking – ideal for special occasions and large groups. Book your demo

Powerful insights and analytics

All the data gathered by liveRES gives you an informed overview of your performance, helping you to control stock, plan staff, and carefully create marketing programmes to maximise yield at all times.

Scalable solution that grows with your business

liveRES was built with large groups in mind, with fast-moving, in-session table management functionality and the ability to scale operations up or down effortlessly.

Full integration with Zonal’s Aztec EPoS

When you’re connected to EPoS you can access spend data to build a detailed picture of each journey – perfect for creating one-to-one marketing campaigns to drive loyalty and increased spend. Book your demo

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