Personalised feedback requests for greater engagement

Send automated feedback surveys based on what each customer has ordered at your venue.

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“In nine months with Feed It Back, we have increased NPS by 13 points and revisit intention by 9.8% across our 43 restaurants.”

Shaun Cremins, Brand Director, Marco Pierre White Restaurants

How Feed It Back works

  • Computer IconEPoS integration gives you a complete picture of each and every guest
  • Notepad iconYou can see what they’ve ordered and how much they’ve spent
  • Request iconAutomated feedback requests are emailed straight to your customers after their visit
  • Calendar iconEach short survey is personalised to reflect what that customer has ordered
  • Insights iconYou get priceless insights into what your customers really think
  • Location iconYou keep your venue top of mind to encourage future visits

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The benefits of Feed It Back

Incentivise repeat visits

64,000 guests joined Be At One’s marketing database in less than a year

Discounts and offers have a redemption rate of 40%

Valuable business intelligence

Quickly discover what guests think about your dishes and service

Identify weak areas and address them immediately

Personalised feedback requests for greater engagement

EPoS integration means customers get feedback requests based on their orders.

This level of detail strengthens the relationship and shows you understand them

Recover dissatisfied guests

Give your customers a voice and show that you’re listening

Create a one-to-one relationship to act on negative feedback and win customers over

Maximum results for minimum effort

Feedback requests are automatically sent post-visit

No manual intervention needed

Benefits of Feed it Back
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“We can now be more nimble with new menu launches, immediately evaluating every dish at every restaurant and making refinements to ensure guests are happy. It also enables us to innovate and take risks, and find out very quickly whether a new dish is working.”

James Spragg, Group COO, Casual Dining Group

The stats around feedback

  • 78%

    of those who give feedback do so within 24 hours of their visit

  • 63%

    wait up to 48 hours later

  • 65%

    say that a discount or freebie is a key incentive for a repeat visit

Why is feedback important?

  • Happy customers iconHappy customers tell 9 people about their experiences
  • Unhappy customers iconBut unhappy customers tell 16 people
  • Customers feedback iconJust one in 27 customers will tell you about a problem
  • Reviews icon64% of people read or write reviews
  • Word of mouth iconWord of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions

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“We work closely with liveRES to ensure that customers can get relevant opinions from their guests in real time, combined with the valuable EPoS transaction data. The best part of all is that the whole process can be completely automated, with no staff training or new hardware required. Operators can simply wait for powerful insights to be delivered so that they can make better decisions faster and get maximum revisits.”

Carlo Platia, CEO, Feed It Back

Get started from just £35 per month

Start growing your repeat visitors by interacting with them through personalised feedback requests. It’s cost-effective and requires little manual input from your staff.

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