Fulfilling your profitability potential

How to boost your bottom line by operating more efficiently and cultivating customer loyalty.

There’s no better sound than your tills ringing as your customers come back more often – and spend more with each visit. But what’s the secret to turning this dream into a reality? Our latest eGuide shares expert advice to help you find operational efficiencies while delivering an outstanding customer experience that keep your guests coming back for more. Get your copy to learn more about:


  • Smart ways to use your discounts and offers

  • Minimising no-shows

  • Essential FAQs about data connectivity



Giving you the tools to boost your bottom line

As costs rise and margins shrink, hospitality venues need to work smarter. Read how our technology and industry expertise empowers you to get the financial performance you deserve.

“At liveRES we’ve spent many years helping hospitality businesses big and small enjoy greater revenue and increased profits. And a huge part of that success is made possible by using integrated technology to share critical data. The result? More covers. Increased customer retention. And reduced operational costs.”

David Charlton, liveRES Commercial Director


Spotlight on: EPoS data sharing

Generating customer data is only the start. Becoming profitable depends on how well you can combine this data and use it to make a real difference. Discover the secrets to creating personalised offers, and how the right technology partner can give you creative freedom alongside powerful data to boost your bottom line.

  • 52%

    Will switch brands if a company’s comms aren’t personal

  • 1.5%

    The average margin for hospitality businesses

  • 82%

    The average open rates of SMS

In-session mobility

Transforming from a paper-based diary to an intuitive, central system that even the most junior staff are comfortable with can deliver incredible results. We look at a real-life example of how it’s possible to achieve phenomenal numbers while creating a stress-free environment for staff.

Over 600 covers

Taken by Jolly Farmers, whose capacity is usually 160.

“All my team – front and back of house – came out and thanked me. They said ‘that was a really great shift, I really enjoyed it.’ And that was our busiest shift of the year!”

Carolyn Jordan, Jolly Farmers

Data Checklist: Key Questions

The more your systems talk to one another, sharing customer data and spend information, the more powerful they become. But does your tech speak the same language? And while you might be generating plenty of data, are you making the most out of it? Our key questions will get you thinking about your approach to data, and highlight areas for improvement.

  • Does your table management system use EPoS data to tell you not just who’s where, but at what stage each table is at?
  • Does your EPoS system automatically release tables when the customer pays the bill, or does that have to be done manually?
  • Can you add unique marketing codes to your promotional messages and have your EPoS apply them automatically when the customer books?
  • Do your customers receive personalised post-dining feedback requests based on what they actually ordered?


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