Growing your hospitality business: how to get bigger and better

Beware tech partners offering magic beans. Businesses need the right environment in order to thrive.

Achieving business growth is a tough challenge in today’s low-margin hospitality industry. And sustaining that growth can be even more demanding. But approach it in the right way and there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Our latest eGuide is full of expert advice to enable you to you enjoy operational insights and utilise smart personalised marketing that results in powerful business performance. Get your copy to learn more about:


  • Maximising EPoS integration to do the hard work for you

  • Avoiding common growing pains

  • Essential FAQs about your reservations partner



The building blocks for growth

While some partners promise the world yet deliver precious little, the liveRES approach is to do everything we can to help your business grow. Read how our technology and philosophy gives you the best chance of success.

“What we do is work with you to realise your goals. We use state of the art technology to transform your business for the better by increasing customer retention and reducing operating costs. To do that we deliver instant, accessible reporting, with real-time data giving you the information you need when you need it. We remove the guesswork from your day-to-day operations, enabling you to do what you do even better. Our job is to empower you, to help your business grow in the right way and truly blossom.”

David Charlton, liveRES Commercial Director


Spotlight on: 3 steps to growth

Creating the right conditions for growth means ensuring you work with complete operational efficiency, with your tech sharing vital data at all times. But some tech providers will hide that data away from you, or use it to promote your competitors’ venue to your customers. Discover the three steps to take to ensure you’re starting off on the right foot.

  • 100%

    The amount of customer data you should own

  • £0

    The amount of commission you should pay for each booking

  • 100%

    The control you should have over your marketing campaigns

Operational freedom

Growth can be achieved in many different ways. Our case study shows that removing unnecessary commission paid for each booking received is an obvious direct benefit. But control of customer data and working with complete freedom can also have a huge impact.


Saved by a five-strong restaurant group after switching to liveRES.

“We’ve increased our profitability by managing our customers, by communicating effectively with them. The money speaks for itself, but the real distinction is the customer relationship. You’re in charge of your own brand, and your relationship with your customer. You haven’t got a third party interfering, that’s the key thing.”

Managing Director, Regional Restaurant Group

Reservations Partner Checklist: Key Questions

Before you sign a contract with a reservations partner or tech provider, you need to ask a range of key questions to determine if they’re really right for you. Because if you pick the wrong ones they may hold you back rather than boost your growth. Discover what you need to ask, such as:

  • Do you own 100% of your customer data, or is it shared by a firm that also works with your competitors?
  • Does your booking platform advertise your direct rivals to your potential customers?
  • Does your EPoS-integrated system automatically release tables when the customer is paying the bill, or does that have to be done manually?
  • Can you personalise your marketing to reflect individual customers’ history and preferences?

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