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How does my choice of reservation and table management system affect my profits?

Not all tech solutions are built to benefit you. liveRES is different because it gives you complete control at all times, including your availability, your customer data, your in-session guests, and your costs. Because unlike other reservation systems, we never charge you commission for the bookings you receive, just one flat monthly fee.
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Fulfilling your profitability potential

Every business wants to be successful, and your hospitality venue is no different. And becoming more profitable means finding internal efficiencies as well as welcoming more customers through your door.

Download our special eGuide to discover how integrated customer data is key to delivering the outstanding customer experiences that result in better profits for your business.

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5 questions about table reservation systems

What are the important questions you should be asking to decide which system works best for you? Take a look at our SlideShare to find out the impact that selecting the right – and the wrong – partner can have on your profits. Read the 5 questions

The true cost of no-shows

Customers who book but fail to show up are one of the biggest blights for the hospitality industry. Our infographic outlines the facts and figures behind this disturbing trend – as well as giving some suggestions to help you reduce minimise no-shows in your venue.

  • £16bn per year

    the cost of no-shows in the UK

  • 20%

    the average no-show rate in big cities

  • 42%

    restaurants who take pre-paid deposits

“We only have 60-65 seats, so if 10-12 people don’t show up, the profit gets thrown out the window.”

Joel Best, Sydney Morning Herald

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How one restaurant group saved £20,000 a year

Switching to liveRES had a huge impact on a 5-strong regional restaurant group, as they saved a massive £20,000 in the first year alone. But the benefits of liveRES run much deeper, as the group had greater control over their customer relationships.

“Cost is important, but actually more important to us was the support of our business strategy, which is customer communication and operational support.”

Managing Director, Regional Restaurant Group

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How much could you save by switching to liveRES?

If you’re paying commission for each booking you receive then it’s time to look at making a change.

With liveRES you only pay a flat monthly fee, so your outgoings are limited and predictable. See exactly how much you could save with the liveRES Savings Calculator.

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Don’t work harder: work smarter

Smart technology enables you to improve your profitability without making unrealistic demands of your team. We spoke to one pub manager who is using liveRES to break records in terms of covers per day, all while creating a calm and satisfying working environment for her staff.

“Last Mother’s Day we did 602 covers in total and our capacity is 160. With the old pen and paper system, we had to increase everyone’s turn time to two hours or more. But now we just let the table management system do what it’s supposed to do.”

Carolyn Jordan, General Manager, Jolly Farmers

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Boost your income with liveRES Events & Pre-Order

Parties are a great source of revenue throughout the year, helping to complement your regulars or standard flow of customers. But to run them effectively and maximise profits you need to be on top of availability, seating arrangements, stock levels, ordering, bill payment, kitchen management, staffing, and much more. Download our special eGuide to learn how liveRES Events & Pre-Order simplifies every stage of the journey, from consideration and booking through to pre-ordering packages and guest communication.

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