Never miss a booking with an automated telephone booking system

Let liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX take your telephone reservations while your staff focus on delivering great service.

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“Every missed booking didn’t just mean losing income – it also meant our customers were left disappointed. We wanted a system that could capture every booking and offer customers a superior booking experience at any time of the day or night.”

Dave Blackhurst, Operations Director, Mitchells & Butlers

How liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX works

  • This is the 'integration' iconA telephone booking system that’s fully integrated with liveRES
  • This is a calendar iconAllows customers to book with confidence 24/7
  • This is a cloud iconAll bookings are immediately visible in a centralised, cloud-based diary
  • This is an 'availability' iconReal-time booking slots, taken from your liveRES availability
  • This is a clock iconSuggests next best alternate slots if the selected time is unavailable

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The benefits of liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX

Never miss a booking

Ensure all phone calls are answered professionally
Don’t let disappointed customers go to your competitors instead

Let your staff deliver exceptional service

In-venue staff aren’t pulled away from current customers

Exceptional value for money

Prices starting from just £25 per month
Far more cost-effective than running a central reservations office

Avoid the risk of double-booking

All new bookings are shared across the booking platform
All integrated systems are automatically updated

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“IOVOX Enterprise’s fully integrated solution gave us the opportunity to ensure the journey via the phone booking system was as slick and customer friendly as possible. We have seen an increase in bookings already through the IVR and website, and will continue to work to optimise that further.”

Sioban Fagan, IT Director, Pizza Express

Up to

  • 65%

    of calls are missed by hospitality venues on average

  • 40%

    of unanswered calls can be converted into bookings

  • 128+

    additional bookings generated a month per site at Mitchells & Butlers

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Mitchells & Butlers picks up 27,000 extra bookings per week

View our case study to discover how liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX provided a cost-effective solution to ensure Mitchells & Butlers maximised their income.

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“It’s exciting for us to see the integration between Zonal and IOVOX translate directly to new bookings and more revenue for Zonal’s hospitality clients.”

Dan Luis, Chief Operating Officer IOVOX

Get started from just £25 per month

Never miss a booking again by letting liveRES Bookings by Phone powered by IOVOX manage your telephone bookings for you.

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