Operating with complete freedom

Why compromise? The tools that give you freedom to run your business as you choose.

With third-party restrictions or a lack of insights into how your hospitality business is performing, it can often feel like you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Our latest eGuide explores how you can operate with autonomy and make smart business decisions that produce real results to your profits. Get your copy to learn more about:
  • Empowering you to make smart choices

  • Personalised Customer experiences

  • In-session flexibility

  • Essential FAQs about data


Empowering you to make smart choices

liveRES wants to help you make the right decisions to see your hospitality business reach its full potential. Read how our technology and industry expertise puts you in the driving seat.

“We know that when it comes to your venue and your business, you’re the true expert. That’s why as well as giving you the best tools and advice, we give you full control of your data, bookings, and decisions.”

David Charlton, Sales Director, liveRES


Spotlight on: Customer Experience

It’s time for the hospitality industry to fully embrace modern marketing practices. And getting started is easier than you think. Discover the secrets to creating personalised offers, and how the right technology partner can give you creative freedom alongside powerful data to boost your bottom line.



    Customers want personalised offers

  • Up to

    €20 million

    Fine for GDPR non-compliance



    Customers say not enough is done to make them feel welcome


In-session mobility

From how much commission you’re paying for each booking you receive (hint: you shouldn’t be paying a penny), to analysing and optimising your busy times. We look at real-life examples and offer best practice advice on how you can work more efficiently and increase your revenue.

£20,000 a year

How much a five-strong restaurant group saved by switching to liveRES

“By tweaking available booking times, we’re now able to fit in an extra sitting, significantly increasing the yield and revenue.”

Adam Pearce, co-founder, Butcher & Catch


Data Checklist: Key Questions

Your data is a source of competitive advantage. But how well are you collecting it? Protecting it? Maximising its potential? Our key questions will get you thinking about your approach to data, and highlight areas for improvement.

  • Can you segment your customer data to create and send personalised campaigns?
  • Are your customers explicitly opting in for marketing communications?
  • Do you know who your repeat and loyal customers are?
  • Do you know how well your campaigns performed?


What's happening in hospitality? Take a look at the latest industry trends, ideas and advice to help you work smarter and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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