Reduce expensive no-shows with SMS reminders

Send customers an automated confirmation by SMS to improve customer communication between booking and dining and minimise the likelihood of no-shows.

Activate SMS confirmations

“We noticed that one of our restaurants in particular had much worse no-show rates than the others. This was simply because we hadn’t activated the SMS reminders, which just goes to show that it really was the liveRES functionality that had made all the difference.”

Managing Director, Regional Restaurant Group

How SMS confirmations work

  • Customers receive an SMS confirmation as well as an email at the point of booking
  • You have complete control over when to send reminders
  • Guests can cancel via SMS and tables are released for rebooking
  • Guests can also edit, allowing you to reallocate availability
  • Just 4p per SMS

Activate SMS confirmations

The benefits of SMS confirmations

Minimise no-shows

Send customers a timely reminder so they don’t forget their booking
Encourages your customers to inform you of any changes to their plans

Start a conversation

A personal touch makes it less likely that they’ll let you down
Added engagement to strengthen the relationship with your customers

Don’t be afraid to let customers edit or cancel

The more notice you have, the more time you have to resell the table
Empower your customers to manage their own booking

“It’s very easy for customers to cancel, and that’s great. Previously people would try and call and the line would be busy, or they’d show up and tell you that it’s now four for dinner and not six, and you’ve lost a table. But with liveRES, diners go online, change the numbers in a click, and it’s done automatically. That’s been really powerful.”

Managing Director, Regional Restaurant Group
  • 20%

    No-shows account for up to 20% of total restaurant bookings

  • 16Bn

    It costs the UK restaurant industry £16 billion per year

  • 42%

    of restaurants take pre-paid deposits to eliminate the financial risk of no-shows

“Keeping it personal pays, and making an emotional connection with your customers will help to limit no-shows. It may not stop them completely, but it will certainly make people think twice before letting you down.”

David Charlton, Commercial Director, liveRES

5-strong restaurant group saves £20,000 a year by switching to liveRES

View our case study to discover how one restaurant group used reminder messages as part of a wider strategy to manage its customer relationships – and saved £20,000 a year in the process.

Read the case study

Improve customer communication and minimise no-shows for just 4p per SMS

4p is a small price to pay when you consider how much profit you’re losing with every no-show. Start sending branded reminders today and minimise no-shows at your venue.

Get in touch today to activate SMS for reservations.


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